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MGA partners with Easterseals to Make Gaming Accessible for Everyone!

MGA Fundraising is proud to announce its partnership with Easterseals! With this partnership, MGA Fundraising takes on an additional meaning, going from Making Gaming About fundraising, to now also about Making Gaming Accessible for everyone!

Easterseals is one of the nation's leading organizations providing services to enhance the quality of life and empowerment of people with disabilities. Their initiatives focus not only on addressing the needs of people with disabilities, but on shaping the general public's perceptions of the disabled community.

One of those initiatives is ES Gaming, Easterseals' gaming community which is designed to foster a sense of inclusion and belonging to people with and without disabilities. According to Easterseals, 1 out of 5 gamers has a disability, yet there are not enough inclusive and accessible spaces for disabled gamers. ES Gaming was launched to make a space for everyone to come play together in a fun and safe environment while also providing a platform for disabled gamers. Sound like something that resonates with you? You can join the ES Gaming Discord and watch the ES Gaming Stream Team on Twitch for their regular broadcasts. MGA Fundraising is focused on helping ES Gaming enhance its space and amplify its voice for disabled gamers so that it can advocate for more accessibility in the video game community. To that end, we are working with Easterseals to grow the ES Gaming community by providing strategic input on their fundraising plans, advising on the production of charity streaming events, and helping to navigate their way in the video game industry.

We are excited about the potential that ES Gaming can have on the video game community and we can't wait to share more about all the things we're working on together!

So stay tuned for upcoming event announcements! We hope you'll join us on our adventure with Easterseals and ES Gaming by following them on their socials as well as ours!

ES Gaming: X/Twitter


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