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About MGA Fundraising LLC

MGA Fundraising LLC was launched to bridge the nonprofit fundraising world to the video game communities. We offer strategic services, event planning, and tailor-made consulting on all things surrounding livestream fundraising.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to give nonprofit organizations the knowledge needed to expand their reach into the video gaming space. We will empower charities with the ability to engage and recruit streamers to raise funds for them.

Seeing more nonprofit organizations embrace the video game communities as integral part of both their mission advocacy and fundraising plans.

Marc Almanzor, PMP


Livestream Fundraising Expert

Hi, my name is Marc Almanzor, but my friends on Twitch know me as King Kong Rong. I launched MGA Fundraising LLC because I saw a connection between video gaming communities and nonprofit fundraising that hasn't been fully explored by either side.

With almost twenty years of nonprofit fundraising experience, combined with three years on Twitch as an active charity streamer, I bring you the experience and knowledge to help you connect your fundraising efforts with the video game community.

Whether you’re about to launch a new project, need advice on expanding your livestream program, or would like a timely tip on matters big or small - I’m your go-to source. Contact me today to set up a meeting and find out more about what I can do for you.

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