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Do You Believe Gamers Can Change Lives?

Spoiler alert: Yes!

Listen to last week's episode of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast as host Tom Leonard and I talk about esports and fundraising!

In particular, we discuss some of the most common questions nonprofits tend to have when entering the gaming arena and some of the most common questions esports organizatons have about supporting organizations.

Most interestingly, there's a lot of overlap! Both sides tended to ask similar things:

  • How does a nonprofit vet an esports organization as a potential partner? / What resources are out there for an esports team to research or vet a nonprofit?

  • What kind of ideas for collaboration can be made in the gaming space?

  • Who do we reach out to at an org or esports team?

  • What are some neat collaborations we can think of if we're not a big esports team or nonprofit?

  • What if we're only bringing in a couple dollars here and there?

As you can see, there's a desire to bring the two sides together, so here at MGA Fundraising, we're looking to make sure those sides can meet in the middle and do great things together!

To learn more about the Gamers Change Lives Podcast:

Visit their website at to learn more about their program, blog, and sign up for their emails to be notified of upcoming episodes.

Journey of a Gamer:


Creator and host: Tom Leonard (USA) -

Producer: Reginald Nsowah (Ghana) -

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