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Pricing Structure for Speaking Engagements

If you're a nonprofit, I want to work with you! So I am happy to adjust my fees to fit your budgets on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions please email me at

Speaker Fees

  • In-person Conference Keynote or Plenary: $2000 + travel/lodging

  • In-person Conference Breakout Session (45-90 mins): $750 + travel/lodging

  • Virtual Keynote/Plenary presentation: $1000

  • 60-minute Webinar: $500

  • Customized small group training - starts at $1500 for a half-day

What my Speaker Fees cover

  • Pre-event planning calls with organizers to better understand your audience and event objectives

  • You will get full access to slides, notes, and any materials I produce for your event

  • Promotion of your event on social media and in my personal network within the gaming community

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