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The only limit is your creativity.

The video game community presents tons of possibilities. My expertise lies in crafting tailored strategies that not only elevate your fundraising efforts, but also amplify your impact in the gaming community. For some, this is a leap of faith across an unknown divide. Let me be the bridge that helps you get to where you want to be.

Lead presentations during meetings

Position/Pitch Package

I will help you build your ask and pitch deck so that your board and leadership understands what your goals are. We will formulate your strategy, forecast what's possible, assess your needs, and frame it so that it meets your stakeholders where they are. Together, we'll provide a big picture view of how fundraising in the video game space will impact your bottom-line revenue so that your leadership feels confident in funding your initiative.

This is best for organizations that don't have a gaming fundraising program yet, or are struggling to get resources for their existing program.

Storm & Sift Package

Whether you have no idea where to start or are paralyzed by too many ideas, I'll facilitate a brainstorm session where we put everything on the table, organize them, then prioritize which ideas are realistic and actionable. I can also help connect you with like-minded organizations who are willing to brainstorm.

This is best for organizations that already have a gaming fundraising program and need guidance on direction.

Team Brainstorm
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Charity Streaming Blueprint Package

Think of this as a Charity Streaming 101. I will walk you through all the components your program needs to get started on the journey of charity streaming success. This consists of the following:

  • Leading your team through strategic sessions to define and build your gaming audience

  • Working with your creatives to design your streaming toolkit

  • Train your staff on streamer culture so you know how to interact in chat

  • and more, depending on your needs!

Packages above can be one-time sessions or ongoing consultations. Let me know what your needs are and I will tailor the package accordingly.

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